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Intelligent selfie device(20074ading001)

Intelligent selfie device(20074ading001)


ราคาสมาชิก : 790元


Bluetooth Version:  3.0
Supporting System: Support systems above IOS5.0 and Android 2.3.6
Main Functions: Conduct mobile phone Self-timer by remotely controlling panorama head
Battery Capacity: 400MAH
Operating Current: 2.5-40MA
Operating Voltage: 2.4V-4.2V
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Time: it shall not exceed 8 hours, or it will result in battery damage, even explosion.
Rotating Speed: 2-6 r/minute
Circuit Board Indicator Light:
Red Light: charge lamp; the red light will light up when charging and be off after full charging.
Green Light: Bluetooth connection indicator light; if it flashes one time each 1-2 seconds, it means the Bluetooth is disconnected; if it is on not flashing, it means Bluetooth is connected.
Blue Light: Indicator light for operating functions switch of head; it will flash for each switch of operating status and function of head.
Color: Black
Size: 8.2 x 8.1cm / 3.23 x 3.19inch